Kickstarter For Debut Full-Length Album

Kickstarter For Debut Full-Length Album

THANK YOU to all of our friends, family and fans!  We've been running a Kickstarter campaign during the month of January to raise the money to record our debut full-length album in Nashville with producer and engineer Stephen Mougin and have been blown away by all the support we've received.  Because of all of you we are going to be able to make this album the right way, with a great producer in a great studio in a great city. We can't wait to share this record with all of you, as well as the t-shirts, stickers and other brand new Mile Twelve swag that will be given to our supporters with our gratitude. You can continue to give to our Kickstarter until February 1st. at 6:07PM EST and every additional dollar will now go towards additional publicity for the album:  You will continue to receive all of the other rewards we have!  If you've had problems with the Kickstarter interface you can email us at: to contribute and pre-order the album privately.  We'll start recording in Nashville on March 8th and we're unbelievably excited about it!  Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Let's make a record!

David, Bronwyn, Nate, BB and David

IBMA 2016

IBMA 2016

Well, we're back from another successful International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Business Conference week!  This year we spent 4 days touring down to Raleigh in Nate's Ford Taurus (lovingly nick-named "Dolores The Taurus), stopping to play in NYC, Gladstone NJ, Charlottesville VA and Fountain NC. The week of IBMA was a whirlwind of fun and business; we played 11 showcases throughout the week, attended the business conference panels and jammed until the wee hours almost every night.  Needless to say, it was a week of little sleep. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights we ran a late night showcase room in the Marriott, with co-sponsors Boston Bluegrass Union and Lonely Heartstring Band.  We performed in the showcase room each night alongside some of our favorite bands including, Special Consensus, Chris Jones and 

IBMA 2016 and upcoming shows!

IBMA 2016 and upcoming shows!

It's that time of year again, yes! We're heading down to Raleigh, NC again for our second IBMA as a band. We have a fantastic schedule lined-up in our afterhours showcase room at the Marriott hotel on Wednesday Sep 28th, Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th. Here's our poster for the room which we're co-sponsoring this year with the Boston Bluegrass Union and the Lonely Heartstring Band. We'll also be playing a few other showcases during the week, check us out here...

Florida Tour and the Baygrass Bluegrass Festival

We've just returned from a great week of shows in sunny (and sometimes not so sunny) Florida! We played in Fort Lauderdale, North Tampa and the Baygrass Bluegrass Festival down in Islamorada which was in the northern part of the Florida Keys. That was an especially beautiful part of our trip. The drive from Miami down to Islamorada was on a single one lane highway, borderd by marshes and ocean on either side.  We saw tons of wildlife, including one huge epically orange iguana and lots of pelicans.  On the last day of the trip we had a day off in Islamorada and spent the day opening coconuts by hand and using them to make pina coladas. Thanks so much to Jim, Marci, Robbie and Armando for hosting us, we'll be back again soon!

NERFA Formal Showcase

We just got back from a great weekend at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Convention.  We were honored to be selected as 2015 NERFA Formal Showcase Artists, and had a great time playing in the Manhattan Theater on Saturday night.  We also did several late-night showcases in the hotel, and got to hear lots of really great new folk music. Thanks Jake Jacobs for the photo from our formal showcase.

IBMA updates

Wow! We had a fantastic time at IBMA. Our Wednesday and Thursday night Mile Twelve Marriott showcase room was a great success, thanks to all the amazing bands that played there. We also had the chance to perform at the IBMA Youth Showcase Stage and the CBA Suite. Here's a photo from our Saturday set at the IBMA Youth Stage.

IBMA 2015 Showcases

We're heading down to Raleigh, NC next week for the IBMA Business Conference and World of Bluegrass event. We'll be hosting a late night showcase room on Wednesday and Thursday nights in the IBMA Marriott hotel, featuring us and some of our favorite bands: Wood & Wire, Front Country, Molly Tuttle & John Mailander, The Lonely Heartstring Band and Laura Orshaw and the New Velvet Band! 

If you don't catch us there we'll also be playing a set on a Saturday at noon at the IBMA Youth Showcase Stage and on Saturday at 11:00pm in the California Bluegrass Association suite.

Freshgrass Finalist

We are excited to be one of five finalists selected for the 2015 Freshgrass Band Contest! There are some absolutely fantastic bands in the contest this year so we're thankful to have made it into the finals. The festival is held in North Adams, MA on September 18th-20th and the band contest is held on the Sunday of the festival, so please come on out and support us! More info here.