Florida Tour and the Baygrass Bluegrass Festival

We've just returned from a great week of shows in sunny (and sometimes not so sunny) Florida! We played in Fort Lauderdale, North Tampa and the Baygrass Bluegrass Festival down in Islamorada which was in the northern part of the Florida Keys. That was an especially beautiful part of our trip. The drive from Miami down to Islamorada was on a single one lane highway, borderd by marshes and ocean on either side.  We saw tons of wildlife, including one huge epically orange iguana and lots of pelicans.  On the last day of the trip we had a day off in Islamorada and spent the day opening coconuts by hand and using them to make pina coladas. Thanks so much to Jim, Marci, Robbie and Armando for hosting us, we'll be back again soon!

Mile Twelve